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Pendulum Charts by Dale W. Olson: How to use a pendulum chart to access your intuition using dowsing charts to find the cause and intuitive health solutions with: health and healing; relationships compatibility; money issues; pets health and behavior; finding new location; career change; intuitive business decisions; house and car diagnostics… all of life’s challenges.

Our pendulum dowsing charts will guide you, from the beginner to the most advanced levels, in developing your intuitive problem solving and intuitive decision making skills for everyday challenges.

These intuitive solutions charts cover all parts of your life’s experience: physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically, and spiritually.

Why these pendulum dowsing charts work so incredibly well is that they help you to separate your intellect from your intuition to communicate what is really going on behind your conscious mind. When all the answers, in the pendulum charts, are right there in front of you, the intellect can relax and let your intuition communicate what is for your highest and greatest good.

Pendulum Charts volume 1 Knowing Your Intuitive Mind: with 50 cover stock charts, laminated cover and spiral bound pendulum dowsing charts.
Intuitive health solutions pendulum charts:
Source of Condition
Healing Remedies
Medications Compatibility
Systems of the Body
Immune System
Origin of the dis-order…
Personal Motivators
What’s Going On
What Am I Telling Myself
Where To From Here
How to Change My Life…
These are only to name a few of the pendulum charts in PC1.
See Table of Contents.

Pendulum Charts volume 2 The Intuitive Healer’s Manual, is the advanced or professional level of 150 pendulum charts with many upgraded charts found in volume 1. The Intuitive Healer’s Manual goes into great depths, using pendulum readings charts, to help you find the cause and determine intuitive health solutions with. Complete analysis of the body’s organs and systems: physical, mental, emotional, and energetic imbalances. Intuitive healing solutions with: “What’s Going On” and “What Am I Telling Myself” to determine unresolved patterns, blocks, trauma; limiting beliefs with health, self-esteem, money issues, relationships… Determine relationship issues and relationship solutions. Find what are your money issues, limiting money beliefs, and money healing programs. Where to from here with your career, location or life changing solutions. Make intuitive business decisions analysis and solutions. You can know what your pets need with Animal Communications & Healing Charts… And, so much more. See Table of Contents.

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Learn how to use the Pendulum Charts for intuitive health solutions and your intuitive problem solving abilities using: pendulums and pendulum dowsing charts with: health – healing – relationships – pets – money – location – career – business…