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Yes, you can Intuitively know: what precautionary measures to take for yourself and family members; what you need to do to fortify your immune system; if you are symptomatic or not: what viral infection is your body resisting; and what immediate and long-terms steps need to be taken for yourself or your family members.

               With Knowing comes the calm…

The really great thing about working with your Intuition, and the Pendulum Charts is that it helps you to stay neutral by being able to separate out between: what you hear; what "seems" to be true; what is your truth; and what is for your greatest health and well-being.

What is even greater is that while you are in that quiet, neutral place, you have access to solutions from your inner guidance or higher self…the part of you that can access infinite information, knowledge, and wisdom.
As a reminder, we are all so much more than what we allow ourselves to believe. We really do know what’s going on in our bodies and lives.
During these times of crisis we need to be able to quiet our minds, tune in through our hearts and Intuition…and, make wise intuitive choices and decisions. The Pendulum Charts are one of the most powerful and effective tools for quieting the mind.
The purpose of the Pendulum Charts is to assure the mentally dominate mind that all the information is there and that it can relax and just allow the Intuition to bring forth answers to the unknowns.

Yes, you can determine what: your immune system is resisting; precautionary measures to take for yourself and love ones; what is needed to fortify your immune system; and, knowing how to deal with these most extreme health, financial, and emotionally challenging times.

First, it is imperative to calm it all down: breathe, meditate…knowing that you have access to your higher self for Intuitive answers and solutions. Second, is to trust your heart and your Intuition knowing that within these charts your Intuition will be able to choose the best solutions to even the worst case scenarios. With that in mind you can stay focused, fearless, and centered knowing that you can be prepared to take the next right action steps with whatever challenges that may come your way.

This doesn't mean that you don't consult with your physician before taking action. What it does mean, is that you can be your own health advocate: be able to ask your physician more qualitative questions; request more appropriate protocols; and know what will be of the greatest service for your body, mind, and spirit.

Blessings of expanded: insight, consciousness, health, and well-being.
    Love,   Dale Olson…and the getIntuitive team!  

© 2020 all rights reserved: Dale W. Olson
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